About Labour Movement UK

Labour Movement UK is presently one guy with a website, empty pockets and a dream, so this page is going to come across as messy, and will likely change on a daily basis, as both my thoughts on the matter are expressed and explored, and - importantly - how you, the wider labour movement, react to them. The hope is, though, that in articulating this dream - that over time will be set out in finer form in the tabbed content below - like-minded supporters follow Labour Movement UK's Twitter account, and add their names and efforts to a focussed, formalised and organised labour movement that has sufficient mass support to regain permanent control over our natural political home in the Labour Party.

It will take time for me to organise my thoughts, and, no doubt, longer still for me to organise them into digital form on this website, so I hope you'll forgive me for what will undoubtedly be a drawn out affair. So, please follow the Twitter account (where I will provide links to new content here) add to the conversations there, and when you feel you have enough information to offer your support in other ways, DM me, and we'll see if there isn't some way you can contribute to the cause.

My web design skills are moderate at best (and quite out of date), and as for setting up a membership-based mass-movement, I think it best if I remain quiet on that matter for now. However, everyone has a skill that can contribute to the cause, even if that is simply retweeting Labour Movement UK on your own timelines. You will undoubtedly have other relevant skills, even if you don't quite know how they could be applied yet.

I want to hear from you, understand your circumstances and particular skill sets. Perhaps you're a hobbyist photographer, or an anonymous and self-admittedly useless blogger? Perhaps you edited your sisters wedding video, or like messing around with Photoshop? Your silly doodles could have a wider audience as political cartoons. That guy you know who sold veg out of his allotment has turned it into a moderately successful social enterprise, and you know how he did it? Could your career in an obscure aspect of banking inform how best to build a membership base? What has your disability made you realise about society that is good/bad, and needs promotion/condemnation?

Even if we lack a skill, we know someone that has one. Even if you lack a story, you'll likely know someone that has one. Even if you lack the impetus to contribute anything at all, I want to hear from you. A mass movement includes you, because you are every bit as important to it as those that appear so much more worthy; some might well argue you are the most important, that you cannot be left behind. Isn't that what this is all about, after all? To be represented? There is something you can contribute; I know it, even if you don't.

People often speak of a generic 'labour movement' as if it were actually a thing, and while it may well have once been a thing - and deeply connected to the foundation of the Labour Party in February 1900 - there is a growing unease that, over a century later, this connection, whatever it may once have been, has all but disappeared in reality today.

The politics of this movement, then, once intimately aligned with socialism, the labour movement and the Left Wing, is now largely a managed deception, and millions of people across what remains of an increasingly fragmented United Kingdom, feel wholly disenfranchised from Parliamentary representation. Labour Movement UK is dedicated to uniting the traditional socialists, the labour movement, and the Left Wing, with a mind to regaining an absolute link (read: ownership) to that traditional party of the Left, the Labour Party, so that it cannot again be severed from it.

The primary goal of Labour Movement UK, then, is to regain control of the Labour Party from the fifth columnists that have stolen it from the socialists, the labour movement, and the widest of categories that unites us all: The Left Wing.

Will come in time

Will come in time

What follows is a stream of consciousness sort of thing. They're more notes, things to guide me, than anything else. Feel free to have a read, so you can better understand where I am coming from. Maybe you'll come across something that sets that lightbulb above your head flashing. Maybe you'll find something you hate. Regardless, if you form any strong opinion, I want to hear it on Twitter. I'm cool with DMs from followers. Just bear in mind, I provide what follows in the spirit of openness, rather than because it forms any official purpose. Labour Movement UK must be democratic, but to get it to that stage from one anonymous guy hitting keys on a computer, there needs to be some sort of general direction in mind. I just want to share that with you. Just because something you once read here isn't here any longer, doesn't mean it has been abandoned; it may have reappeared in finer form elsewhere on the site.

What Labour Movement UK is not, and will never be

The whole purpose of trying to regain political representation for the labour movement, is to wrest it from those in the Labour Party that have stolen it from them. Labour Movement UK is not, and will never be, a political party in its own right. While the exact form of how regaining ownership of the Labour Party from its present day fifth columnist management is still formative, and open to future democratic decisions made by our members to make it a reality, it is obvious that further diluting the socialist/Leftist vote by adding to the number of other - well meaning, but ultimately futile - neophyte socialist/Left wing political parties, works against the principle of unity required to translate widescale support from the millions of into Parliamentary power.

Labour Movement UK will not lie down once its primary purpose has been met. Regaining control of the Labour Party for the labour movement, while a worthy goal in its own right, is simply the beginning. Should it fizzle out and/or weaken its resolve at any time in the future after its primary goal has been met, the danger is that this would leave open the possibility that another group of subversives will succeed in undermining our work. To ensure that this cannot happen, we'll need to raze the current Labour Party structures to the ground, and start again with suitable checks and balances to ensure that such a situation can never be repeated. Initial thoughts, for my part at least, are to formally remove policy direction from the Labour Party entirely (setting up a democratic and independent policy unit that the Labour Party will be contractually obliged to carry out), and to empower constituencies to act more autonomously, amongst many other swingeing changes that the present encumbants of Labour HQ would never countenance.

New socialist political parties, while rightly taking votes from Labour, cannot be movements in their own right; they will always trend towards their own flavour of presentation. This is fine on may levels, but if unity of socialism, the labour movement and the Left Wing is anything you find desirable - I do - their existence is a challenge. That isn't to say all or none of them have nothing meaningful to offer; they all do. The trick for Labour Movement UK is to utilise their admirable efforts in best reflecting the labour movement as a whole. The second they start standing against each other, is the second they become useless as an electoral tool. Labour Movement UK should evaluate each party's candidates on their electability and ability to drive the wider movement's cause, and should pressure them to not stand against one another. Be a member or supporter of each and all of them if you wish, it makes no difference to me, but remember why any of them exist, and try to see how they exist in a wider framework that can deliver Left unity as a nation. The list below isn't exhaustive, and I'll add to it when I encounter new ones, but they each represent some form of reaction against the current Labour Party's direction, and to varying degrees offer some semblance of direction towards socialism, the labour movement and Left Wing goals. They should each be supported in some form of principle, even if not in any necessary practice. If the goal isn't to regain ownership of a unified Left Wing Labour Party, they should be passed on (but certainly not necessarily ignored.)

Northern Independence Party

In the news recently, for their goal of hindering the election of Right Wing Labour paratrooper Saudi Paul. Didn't get many votes, and didn't do enough in their own to change the outcome, but contributed to voice of the Left Wing dissatisfaction with Labour.

RESIST: Movement for a People's Party

Started out, at least in principle, to do the job I am taking up here. Started by former Labour MP Chris Williamson, they appear to be moving towards - if they haven't already done so - becoming a political party in its own right. I have always thought this was a mistake, but let's see where they go with it.

Breakthrough Party

I had a look at their website a few weeks ago, and it didn't really have anything on it for me to gauge their intent, preparation or seriousness. I get the impression, though, that they'll get something together before too long, though.

Workers Party GB

Founded by the forceful and polarising former Labour and Respect MP George Galloway, this was always going to be an interesting franchise. Somewhat overshadowed by his efforts in Scotland of late, WPGB has strengths I believe the others listed here lack. Regardless of what you thing about Galloway as a person, this is one to watch.

Harmony Party UK

From my own little Twitter bubble, support for Harmony has - somewhat ironically - been anything but a harmonious experience. That isn't to say it has no value, and I'm sure things can be learned in both directions.

There are more, of course, and I list them not so much for you to make a selection from, but more as an example of how splintered the Left Wing slate is becoming. I suppose we ought to include the Labour Party too, really. They may be hostile to socialists, but there exist in its ranks hundreds of thousands of good socialists that would easily pass any socialist purity test that could be imagined, and have value to the labour movement as a whole. The difficulty for many of us, is that if we wish to change the Labour Party, we necessarily need to be a part of its membership. Part of my strategy is to make that irrelevant, although my thoughts on how it will play out in reality are not yet well formed. I'm thinking a court case is unavoidable; the Labour Party is owned by its members on behalf of the labour movement. If we can promote a united front between those two discrete groups, we can regain control of the party for good, from those that have eroded the party's purpose for decades. I get the feeling at least some of the Labour aligned unions would like to direct their donations away from Labour, and towards a movement more conducive to support for workers. I belive Labour Movement UK is just the vehicle to make that a reality, by keeping it at arm's length from specifically party related business, and strengthening links with the wider labour movement that will help elect PPCs (from any party that shares our values) that are supportive of their aims. The Left can and must prevail.

What Labour Movement UK hopes to be, and needs you to become.

Social Cross Media platform - Twitter is fine, I guess, and I'm told some people still use something called Facebook, but while I'm sure they both still hold some value to Labour Movement UK, I feel there is scope for a new type of media platform dedicated to serving the purposes of a mass-member organisation with its own political direction. Not simply a social media platform, but a societal media group owned by its members, that encompasses the benefits of the traditional social media that have already drawn us to each another, and builds upon that to integrate the numerous but divergent start ups that have popped up as a reaction to (but not a solution for) our continued disenfranchisement.

News media - traditional (Morning Star), new media (Skwawkbox, Evolve, Novara, TL;DR News and many others) and more contemplative investigative lone-rangers (Declassified, sometimes Byline Times) should have their work promoted by a Labour Movement UK news aggregator, the content of which is evaluated by the members of the Labour Movement UK for their 'fitness' in getting out the labour movement's message. There is always a danger that such an endeavour will lead to an echo-chamber, only reflecting a warped and biased POV that we correctly accuse the MSM of, so there must be an editorial board of democratically recognised specialists in pointing out untruths and biases. I even quite like the idea of having a limited 'fifth columnist' membership level, for the purpose of introducing constructive opposition criticism to ensure balance. It is said that reality has a Left Wing bias, and while I largely agree with that, it shouldn't be used fallaciously to equate Left Wing news with truth or balance by necessity. Nothing could be further from the truth. If news is to have a political basis at all, it must be towards that which is the truth - irrespective of which Wing it sprang from - and ignoring that is bias itself. We've been strong in recognising Right Wing bias heretofore, but not quite so good at recognising Left Wing bias in our attacks on it. We need to be cogniscant of that at all times if we are to be taken seriously. You know this to be true.